Trump And Putin Declare Themselves ‘Co-Captains Of The World’

February 23, 2019 • Uncategorized

Washington – Two important details have emerged from the recently discovered secret meeting between Donald Trump and Vladimir Putin. Putin has since stated that he is ready for ‘another Cuban style missile crisis’ if the United States considers putting missiles in Europe. Details MouthFrog have obtained paint a very different picture than the tense rhetoric that has littered the news cycle recently.

In their first act of unity, the powerful leaders have declared being the first two members of what they have deemed the ‘Blue Shirt Boys Club.’ A photo has been leaked of the two men looking giddy and shaking hands in their finely pressed blue shirts. It’s not visible in the picture but reportedly the back of the shirts read ‘You can’t join Merkel.’ This of course referencing female German Chancellor Angela Merkel.

The men are also said to be announcing their self appointed roles as co-captains of the world. It’s not clear what this means in any context for the rest of the world. A high ranking Mexican official, who chose to remain anonymous, felt it couldn’t be anything but good news.

“Sir Donald Trump and his friends are the very best people we know,” claims this said Mexican leader. “They build walls or tear them down to bring us all closer. They know best. We believe these strong men will lead us all to greatness. My country believes this very much!”

In unrelated news, Taco Bell has begun offering a new menu item called Wall for Chalupas. As with all Taco Bell items it has all the same ingredients as every other menu item but is packaged and named differently. Taco Bell stock has risen 12% overnight.


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