Exclusive: The Weeknd Talks About What The Weeknd Does On The Weekend

January 15, 2017 • Features, General, Life, Uncategorized, Worthy News

Ever wonder what a hip-hop megastar does in their spare time?  Have you also wondered if such as star, who goes by the stage name ‘The Weeknd,’ pronounces it like ‘weekend?’  Like that Saturday / Sunday thing we all do?  And what about that whole not feeling his face thing.  What’s that all about?  Let’s get those answers and more.  MouthFrog was lucky enough to be able to sit down with the modern day Michael Jackson to discuss several topics.

MouthFrog:  Weeknd, we are so honored to be able to sit down with you.  We are huge fans of that ‘I can’t feel my face’ song and there are apparently some other songs that people really like too.  We haven’t had a chance to check them out yet but we will.  Have you heard about our publication?

The Weeknd:  Nah, Frog, never heard of ya.  And my name is The Weeknd, not just Weeknd.  I gotta brand to protect, my brotha.  Don’t fuck that up again or we done.  Cool?

MouthFrog:  Oh uh, yeah, sorry.  The Weeknd it is.  So everyone wants to know if your name is actually pronounced just like the word we spell w-e-e-k-e-n-d?  And if so, did you glean some inspiration for your name from what you do or have done in the past on weekends?

The Weeknd:  I pretty much just pimp out whether it’s the weekend or not.  I been gettin busy with those sweet sugary lips of Selena Gomez lately.  I go out to bars and tell people I’m Drake and then act a fool.  I sing and dance a lot because that’s my craft, ya know?  I don’t know man, I smoke a lot of weed and attend a lot of awards ceremonies.  I’ve taken up extreme ironing recently and Kanye introduced me to competitive dog grooming.  He’s playing around with that so I may check it out.  I’m just a normal kinda guy I guess.

MouthFrog:  Fascinating stuff!!  Your hair is a topic of much conversation, as you probably already know.  Do you ever wash it?  Does it bother you to know when you are Googled there are ads that come up for Bosley Hair Restoration?

The Weeknd:  Frog, you a trip man (laughing and coughing at the same time).  Let’s go fucking chill and stop this interview bullshit.  I’ve got tons of fucking cabbage in my kitchen.  It’s a really good texture to cut up into figurines of people or monsters or elephants or whatever the hell you want.  It’s super fun.  Wrap this shit up and let’s get to some cabbage crafting.

MouthFrog:  Signing off for now MF’ers.  Weeknd is one of the coolest stars we’ve ever met!

The Weeknd:  Aw damn.  Get the fuck out of my house Frog dude.  I warned you once.  The Weeknd keeps The Weeknd’s word.  Now get to steppin Frog fucker.  Peace.

Wow, what an amazing experience we had in just 10 minutes with the man they call Weeknd.  Mad respect for him.  We fucked up his name and he called us out on it.  It would be strange to see a line of cabbage figurines come out but if they do you heard it here first.  And you know if they’re coming out with Mr. Weeknd’s brand attached to them, they will be spectacular.



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