Rabid Interest Over Caitlyn Jenner Says Nothing About Our Society

June 6, 2015 • Dumbass of the Week, Events, Features, General, Life, Uncategorized, Worthy News

There’s always ‘some guy’ who has an opinion that chronicles how every person feels on a particular topic.  MouthFrog was able to speak with ‘some guy’ today who we believe fits that very description.  His name is not important.  In fact, he never volunteered his name and we never asked.

“How come we’re talking about this dumb ass Jenner freak instead of examining the water crisis in California?” starts ‘some guy.’  “Why doesn’t anyone seem to care about the dangers of fracking or the massive homeless problem we’ve got right in our backyard?  Most Americans know more about their reality television idols than they do about their local senator.  Well, I guess this all means that our country is going right down the proverbial drain and we may as well all kill ourselves.”

The viper-like tongue of ‘some guy’ was dripping with sarcasm as he spoke.  The MouthFrog crew had dinner reservations at Bojangles in less than an hour so we asked ‘some guy’ to get to the point.

“Oh, I’ll get to the point,” fired back the angry ‘some guy.’  “Caitlyn Jenner matters.  Period.  And if everyone is so stupid that they can’t see that, then well, fuck if I know.  Once again we are leading the world.  One of our biggest alpha males is turning into a woman.  Are the Swiss doing that with their ever so lovable tennis star Roger Federer?  Yeah, what about Brazilian super fighter Anderson Silva?  Has he mentioned the thought of turning into a woman?  Hell no!  None of them have and none of them will.  America is ahead of the rest of the world by at least 20 years.  Like usual.  And these pussies in our very own country want to talk about the environment like the rest of the world’s losers?  Shit, let’s keep some perspective people.  I’m quite sure that we didn’t send a man to the moon by thinking about the environment.”

‘Some guy’ did not slow his rant as we got into the van to leave for dinner.  He jumped in with us and we all enjoyed a few Country Ham Biscuit Combo meals together.  We largely ignored the rest of his diatribe while we ate but ‘some guy’ reported back that it was, for the most part, an enjoyable evening.



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