Made up Words – “Phalladermis”

July 19, 2015 • Made Up Words



  1. Superficial exterior wall or other object intended to deceive others into thinking that exuberence means happiness; usually overbearingly brash and over the top.  More times than not an overcompensation to cover up small man’s syndrome or a want to kill oneself due to emotional emptiness.

– “Marley has phalladermis dripping out of her pores.  It’s kind of sad really.  Did you know she bought a $10,000 necklace for her homely dog?  She walked around with that dog in her purse for like a month just so she could show everyone.  If I smiled as much as that lady does I think my jaw might fall off.  Do you think she would buy me a necklace like that for my birthday if I told her I wanted to be best friends with her?  It’s tempting but I think I’d rather be her dog walker and then just steal the necklace off of that hideous excuse for a dog.”


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