Made up Words – “Cenaphobia”

May 30, 2015 • Health, Made Up Words



  1. Absurd fear of cutting slippery onions with a sharp knife and having the knife or the onion slip in a direction which would cause the knife to slice off the tip of one’s finger.

– “My dad and I went fishing today and caught three massive fish.  He was scaling and cleaning the fish and asked me to dice up some broccoli and onions so we’d be ready to put the fish on the grill.  I told him I couldn’t do it because of my Cenaphobia.  He told me I was a pathetic lemon of a son and then asked me to go get him a lemon from the refrigerator.”

  1. Additional fears of crying because of onion juice or gases; looking like a spineless weakling lacking any sort of potency.

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