Lenscrafters and Hyundai Team Up To Offer 20/20 Vision Windshield Screens On New Models

October 26, 2015 • Events, Features, General, Invention Corner, Life, Technology, Worthy News

Seoul – In the highly competitive auto industry, every manufacturer is looking to stay one step ahead of the competition.  Hyundai Motor Company announced this past Tuesday that it is teaming up with Lenscrafters to offer an innovation not yet seen in the industry.  The two companies have been working together for the last 3 years and are ready to make their innovation public.  At the Hyundai headquarters, CEO Chung Mong-koo announced that all new Hyundai models will be equipped with a special windshield film that will allow drivers to not have to wear their eye glasses in the car.

“It is 20/20 vision every time,” revealed Mong-koo.  “It adjusts to your eyeglass prescription so everyone will have 20/20 vision while driving our vehicles.  It is incredible technology.  I’m not completely sure how it works but I’ve removed my glasses in the car and it seems to do the trick.  And my vision is horrendous without my glasses.”

Those in attendance for the big announcement had many questions about cost and safety.  Mong-koo was only able to answer a few.  He had a previously scheduled meeting with another innovation company about a bird shit deflector so car washes may become obsolete.

“The cost, of course, is a little more for such an amazing feature.  These are luxury vehicles we are producing here.  We’re not Chevrolet.  And my understanding is that these vehicles will be very safe.  We have tested and re-tested this technology to ensure it is safe for our drivers.  Let me be completely up front about this.  We’ve spent hundreds of thousands of dollars on hospital costs for our testers.  We’ve smashed up thousands of cars.  You don’t just come up with something like this and have it work on the first try.  All that said, we’re feeling pretty good about the safety of it after some rough patches.  And all the cars come with airbags too so no need to worry.  Come one.  Come all!  Let’s sell some of these and see what happens.”

The ‘vision films’ that adhere to the windshields are said to add about $5,000 to every car.  Scientists have studied the technology and no one is quite sure at this point how the new windshields can adjust to every person’s different vision capabilities.  In a separate statement issued by Lenscrafters, they have emphatically stated that they have never worked with Hyundai and have no idea what this new technology is and who came up with it.


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