Flock of Turkeys Outsmart Hillbilly Hunters

November 18, 2015 • Dumbass of the Week, Events, Features, General, Life, Sports, Uncategorized, Worthy News

Clayton, AL – These parts may be better known for the search of the almighty Sasquatch.  That journey will undoubtedly continue for years to come.

Last week a few hunters went out for an easier catch.  Turkeys!  “Yeah, we get them buggers every year.  We cook em and eat em up real nice.  Gotta be careful not to blow them to smithereens.  Wheeehaaa!!”  Cletus Ray knows what he wants and “aint comin home til I git some.”

The boys got up into their tree stand like they do every year.  Along came what they thought were some gobblers and they all shouldered their guns to shoot.  As they took aim, one of the hunters heard the birds start to gobble.  Well, actually boggle.  It’s all these good ole boys could hear was boggle, boggle, boggle.  The birds stood and looked at the hill people and the hill people looked back at them.

“Did you hear them birds boggle, Cletus?  Aint they supposed to gobble?”  Rayford Lee, another hillbilly hunter in the group was without answers for what he was hearing.  Cletus responded, “Dammit if I did too.  Boys, these is some kind of rare bird and probably protected or somethin like that.  Let these ones go.  Man, they look just like turkeys Rayford!”

The men put down their guns.  The men and the turkeys took about two minutes just staring at one another.  What a science experiment it would be to get into the heads of those hillbillies or those birds as they gazed at one another.  We’ll just never really know whose brain activity was more active during that stare off.

The turkeys walked off and the men got into their truck, bewildered by what had just happened.  No one talked as they drove home until the leader, Cletus, spoke some final words.  “Boys, don’t ever speak about this day again.  You understand?  Do you?  Don’t ever speak of this day again.”


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