Desperate Couple Decides To Swap Underwear For A Week To Save Their Relationship

December 19, 2015 • Events, Features, General, Invention Corner, Life, Uncategorized, Worthy News

Lowell, MA – Becky and Mark Dodd got married last December.  As they wait for their one year anniversary, they find themselves in marriage counseling.  They are a hot couple.  When they go out together these days, they sit there together silently and just look at other hot people walk by.  Have they run out of things to talk about?

Dr. Samuel Pinkerson Jr. says yes.  The good doctor explains to the husband and wife that their union is one of lust and not love.  “There is no conceivable way that the two of you will ever last beyond 5 years,” discloses Dr. Pinkerson Jr.  “You see, you got together because in an elongated fit of lust you both believed that you were the hottest two people on the planet.  The ego and narcissism between both of you is off the scale.  The only thing you can do at this point is try some different things to spice it up a bit.  That way, you all can keep some interest in each other for a short time longer.  Then you can contact the divorce lawyer.  Your homework is to wear each other’s underwear for one week.  Come back and see me in a month and we’ll talk about it.”

Becky took a pair of Mark’s loose blue boxers.  “I just don’t understand how these things can be comfortable for a guy,” observes Becky.  “If I had to carry around those balls everywhere I would want more support than this.  It seems like they would flop around all over the place.  Does one of them ever slip under a thigh when a guy sits down and they smash their testicle under their leg?  Shit, that must be painful.  The material is pretty comfortable but they also slide up the crack of my ass when I wear looser jeans.  Overall, it’s been a pretty miserable experience.  I feel bad for Mark.  I think I may understand him just a little bit better now.”

Mark got to wear a tight little black lace number.  One of Becky’s favorites.  “I felt very self-conscious and effeminate at first,” says Mark.  “After a day or so I really started to embrace the whole thing.  They fit like a glove and my man pouch looks huge in these things.  The material is so soft and sensuous that I can’t stop reaching down there to touch myself.  I bet you I masturbated 20 times during that week.  I understand better why women walk around with such sexy attitudes.  You really can’t help but prance around in these things like you’re a thoroughbred.  I’m pretty much hooked.  I’m definitely not gay, nor will I ever be, but I will continue to wear women’s underwear for the foreseeable future.”

The adrift newlyweds went back to Dr. Pinkerson Jr. one last time.  They explained their vastly different experiences.  Dr. Pinkerson Jr. told them, in his professional opinion, they should get as far away from one another as humanly possible.  They agreed.  Mark continues to wear women’s underwear and masturbate at an impressive rate.


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