Colorado’s ‘Weed N’ Feed Deli’ Proving To Be A Boon To The Economy

October 22, 2015 • Events, Features, General, Health, Invention Corner, Life, Worthy News

Colorado Springs, CO – Colorado and Washington voted ‘yes’ to legalize the recreational use of marijuana. Other states are taking notice.  Smoking the reefer is not legal on a national level so there are still some things to be worked out between states and the larger government.  Those details have not stopped organic couple, Nico and Dakota Houser, from taking immediate action.  They recently opened the Weed N’ Feed Deli and business has been booming.

“Hey, we’re just a couple of hippies that have been growing a lot of pot in our house,” explains Nico.  “We had way more than we needed so we decided to open up this restaurant.  We offer complimentary bong hits before each meal.  Our customers love our food, man!  They just can’t get enough.  We’re raking in cash so we need to expand our place because we can’t fit everyone in there.  We hired a couple of dudes to drive to people’s houses with weed and food but it’s just not the same.  We all love being together, you know?”

“Me and Nico are aware that it’s still taboo to some,” adds Dakota.  “We have police officers, teachers, and even the Mayor stop by every now and again.  They say they like the ambiance.  The Doritos people have called us and so has Ben and Jerry’s Ice Cream.  Apparently their profits are going through the roof.  Cops tell us they have to spend less time on the beat because most people are too stoned to bother committing any really bad crime.  Their traffic ticket and parking violation revenues are up so they are happy too.  Everyone seems to be making money and we’re all really grateful and peaceful right now.  Who knows where all of this money is coming from.  But who cares, right?  Why mess up something that’s good for everyone?”

Economists are baffled at the inverse relationship between productivity and profitability.  “The residents in that general area are showing laziness to a standard we have not seen in a very long time,” says respected economist Janine Fowler.  “It breaks every rule in the book.  People are not showing up for work, sleeping at work, stoned out of their minds.  Yet most companies in the area are making astronomical profits.  Everyone has money and weed and no one seems to really be doing anything.  It’s unfathomable.”

Vice President Biden has already contacted President Obama and assured him that he will personally travel to Colorado to see what exactly is happening there.


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