Christian Leaders Discuss Whether ‘Forever And Ever’ Part In Lord’s Prayer Makes Sense

November 3, 2015 • Events, Features, Life, Uncategorized, Worthy News

Anaheim, CA – Most of the nation’s foremost experts in the field of Christianity will meet in in November of 2016 to discuss a variety of key topics.  This meeting of the Christian Leadership Alliance will pull in only the best of the best to reflect specifically on the current ending of The Lord’s Prayer.

“Our aim is to keep Christianity contemporary as society changes,” comments Reverend Elmer Buxton.  “Jesus has already taken to Twitter so He is obviously giving us a sign that we need to continue to grow and evolve with the times.  We’ve had several members at our congregations (mostly kids) ask how there can be a ‘Forever and ever.’  “How can there be more time after forever?” they ask.  We’ve been able to hold them off by telling them that their mind would be put to better use by praying for someone less fortunate.  They feel guilty and don’t press the issue any further.  God has taught us, though, that although we don’t have to have the right answers for everyone it’s best if we come up with something that sounds like it makes sense.  I’m not sure any of us are comfortable doing that with this issue.”

Christian leaders have decided to bring in a member of the Scientology religion because it sounds like they should be able to look at this from a scientific point of view.  Doug E. Fresh, Scientology member, rapper, and legendary beat boxer has been invited to the summit to not only add his viewpoints but perform a few numbers as well.

It should be intriguing to see what these great minds can come up with.  It would appear to be a simple law of science that there can be no “ever” after “forever,” but Christianity has taught us that things are not always what they appear.  If they do decide to take out the “ever,” will they change all existing documents, use white out, or just leave it there and instruct people not to say it?  This river is muddy, elaborate, and complex.  But do not fear.  There will be answers forthcoming very soon.

Anyone is welcome to sign up for the 2 day conference.  For Christians, the registration fee is $799.  For non-Christians, the fee is $2499 (with the assumption that you will convert to Christianity at the conference).  No one is able to participate in the aforementioned “Forever and ever” conversation but all paying participants can listen to other speakers and catch a performance from Doug E. Fresh.


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