Even Penis Gourd Cannot Hide African Man’s Massive Erection

July 6, 2014 • Events, Features, Life, Worthy News

Accra, Ghana – Abioye Chidi has been a well respected medicine man in his village for nearly 30 years.  He’s healed the sick and slain large jungle creatures with only a spear and his sharp wit.

For the past year, Obioye has found himself as an outcast in the village he has helped to grow and protect.  During a normal experiment he conducted with different roots, secretions, and olive oil, something happened that was entirely unexpected.  Obioye, as is customary, took a drink of the potion first and immediately saw his penis grow and obtain an erection like the village has never seen before.

“Women scared and men be jealous,” explained Obioye through an interpreter.  “Even curled penis gourds can’t hold me no longer.  Penis very strong now like Wildebeest.  Erections last for hours and hours.  I am joke to brothers and sisters of my community.  I am shamed.  Cannot stop drinking potion, though.  My fertility is legendary and from the Gods.  I will be accepted again when I can find woman big enough to take me.  I will wait for big woman.”

Penis enlargement companies have been fascinated by what has transpired with Obioye.  One such company called Vimax has sent representatives to Ghana to speak with the well endowed Obioye.  He refuses to give up his recipe for the potion he uses.  Vimax has reportedly offered him millions but Obioye is not talking.  He believes he has found the key to a new master race of people with penises so large that one day it may be used as a third leg.  “I wait for big woman,” repeats Obioye.  “Big woman will take me and provide me a litter of giant penis babies.  Then there will be glory.”

Word is traveling fast and many women have made the pilgrimage to Obioye’s village to see if they are the Cinderella fit to his unbelievably large penis.  Many have walked over 50 miles to see if they are the one.  Each has been turned back and sent home in shame due to their inabilities to overcome the pain involved with inserting such a massive penis.  Traffic has been steady and many more pilgrimages are either underway or are being planned.  If the new master race of African giant penis people does not come to fruition, it surely will not be for a lack of effort.  Good luck, Obioye, and all African women who choose to participate.  We’re rooting for you.


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