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IRS Announces It Will Sue Itself To Stave Off Other ‘Frivolous’ Lawsuits 0

Washington – As tax time approaches this year, it is the Internal Revenue Service that is feeling the heat.  The IRS is under intense scrutiny and investigation for targeting certain groups applying for tax-exempt status.  The details are yet to be flushed out in court but initial reports say that Tea Party affiliates, communists, soft […]

Iowa Farmer Rumored To Showcase A Cow That Produces Pills Instead of Milk 0

Des Moines, IA – This summer, at the Iowa State Fair, a local farmer claims that he will bring something very special to the event that no one has ever seen before.  So special, in fact, that all of the big drug companies will be attending to witness if the rumors are true.  Fifth generation […]

Vladimir Putin Signs Up For Obamacare Just Prior To The March 31st Deadline 0

Moscow – The March 31st deadline for Obamacare is upon us but one Russian President has not been left out in the Siberian cold.  Vladimir Putin signed onto the Obamacare site at 10:27pm EST and was able to complete his registration and coverage selections by 11:22pm on March 31st, 2014.  He was very close to […]

Yeti Posts Selfie To Instagram So We Know He Really Does Exist: So What Now? 0

Kathmandu – Wildlife biologists, rabid hunters, and the entire scientific community all flocked to Instagram last evening when the elusive Yeti posted a totally unexpected selfie on the popular social networking site.  So does anyone really care? “Hell yes!” says Texas native and big game hunter Joel Proctor.  “This is that once in a lifetime […]